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To all you courageous and self-driven women, I ask you…

Do you ever feel helpless when you have to be dependent on others like your family members, be it your father, husband or brother, to manage your hard earned money?

Do you feel frustrated when you can not make a decision of buying an important gadget or equipment for yourself or even make a choice to travel, because you see your bank account, and there is not enough money there?

Do you lose sleep worrying about your and your family’s future and security thinking how will you survive if things go wrong, in terms of paying EMIs, continuing with insurance etc.?

Do you constantly question or doubt yourself whether your family member, friend or relationship manager who you have trusted in full will let you down if and when it comes to  accessing your finances?

Do you feel belittled or embarrassed thinking if you ask questions regarding finances to others, they will start judging you and say, ‘it is not your cup of your tea?’

Say no more

If you feel stuck in any of these situations, remember that you are not alone!

Like you, many women in similar situations have changed this reality for themselves.

All you need is to take a leap of faith and have the courage to change this for yourself.


You feel confident in taking your financial decisions like how to invest in mutual funds, shares or real estate.

You feel immensely secure about your finances because you have learnt how to save your hard earned money for your and your family’s future.

You feel inspired to grow, learn and know more about your favourite financial topics now that you feel empowered from within.

You feel respected in your family since you are now taking your own financial decisions with confidence and even educating your children about it.

You are now not just a WOMAN – but a woman who can take charge of her finances to be completely and fully financially free!

Does that make you feel powerful? If yes, then continue to read…

Introducing Moolah For Women

At Moolah, we handhold you and guide you through your financial journey to empower you and to help you take control of your finances in a step by step manner.

At Moolah, we make finance really SIMPLE, FUN, ACCESSIBLE AND JARGON-FREE so that you can slowly, yet steadily overcome your fears and start understanding how to take charge of your finances.

With just 1-2 minutes of reading a day, over 6 months you will see your financial knowledge increase exponentially and so will your ability and confidence to take informed financial decisions.

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Finance Essentials Course

Duration: 3 Months

Types of course :

Join Moolah Tribe

Finance Advance Course

Duration: 3 Months

The Finance Advance Course is available only once one completes Moolah’s Finance Essentials Course. To know more about the Finance Advance Course or to enrol for the Finance Essential Course please email to us at contact@moolahforwomen.com

Topics covered

Best suited for beginners who would like to start from the basics of saving and investments

Join Moolah Tribe

The Finance Advance Course is available only once one completes Moolah’s Finance Essentials Course. To know more about the Finance Advance Course or to enrol for the Finance Essential Course please email to us at moolah.fl@gmail.com

Moolah’s Financial Literacy Courses are designed to give you bite-sized knowledge that is delivered over whatsapp on a daily basis, so that you can financially empower yourself by committing only one minute of your day to it and not disturbing your daily routine.

Apart from getting all this knowledge here are some ADDITIONAL BONUSES that you get by joining Moolah’s Financial Literacy Courses

Join Moolah Tribe

extremely affordable price of ~Rs 20 a day.

Advance Financial Literacy Course

INR 2000 / USD 30

What you will get:

  • 3 months duration
  • Topics include: Real estate investments, Retirement Planning, Taxes, Insurances, Financial Statements, Wills & Inheritances
  • Best suited for women who have been through Moolah’s Basic Financial Literacy Course or want to get an easy understanding of these specific topics
  • Like minded community on Telegram
  • Members only special offers

Finance Essentials Course

INR 6000 / USD 80

What you will get:

  • 3 months duration
  • Topics include: Savings, Income, Budgeting, Credit Cards, Investments, Loans
  • Best suited for beginners who would like to start from the basics of saving and investments
  • Like minded community on Telegram
  • Members only special Bonuses

Super Saver Combo Offer: Basic + Advance Financial Literacy Course

INR 3000 / USD 45

What you will get:

  • 6 months duration
  • All Topics covered in basic and advance courses
  • Best suited Beginners who want a overall understanding of all financial topics
  • Like minded community on Telegram
  • Members only special offers

What Moolah Women are saying....

Moolah’s Financial Literacy Courses are for...

Graduate Students

Working Professionals



Retired Women


Moolah’s Financial Literacy Course is designed to make finance simple and jargon free and is specially for women on the move. Unlike other courses in the market, Moolah’s Financial Literacy Course can be accessed by women at any time and from anywhere and women have to commit only a minute or two towards reading it. This makes it a convenient, fun and accessible way of learning finance.

You will learn about every topic related to finance, including saving, budgeting, credit card management, assessing your risk appetite, investments, loans, taxes, insurance, wills, retirement planning and more.

This course is designed to suit the busy routine of women like you and help you with ease and simplicity without overwhelming you with a lot of information. All you need is to spend one to two minutes of your day every day for the duration of the course without disturbing your daily routine.

After taking this course you will be able to start taking keen interest in your own financial well being and will become confident to engage in talks and ask the right questions to your partners, relationship managers or your family members who may be managing your finances. You will also be able to begin your own investment journey and understand how to plan your finances. Apart from this, the course helps in giving you the confidence to even start educating your kids about this very important topic.

The Moolah Financial Literacy Course also covers topics that will help you in your business. Topics like the difference between debt and equity, how to read and understand financial statements, and whether to open a company or not are all simply explained to help you understand your business better.

You only need 2 things – that is to have the desire to learn and the WhatsApp app downloaded on your smartphone.

Moolah’s mission is to financially empower 1 million women across the world and to create an impact. Women should not have to think before enrolling for a Moolah course or availing it’s service. It is with this objective that the course is being offered at such a low and affordable price.

By being a member of the Moolah Tribe you will have access to the Moolah Telegram Community where the members share their knowledge and experiences and also ask questions. All these will further help you build knowledge and foster a feeling of community from which you learn and grow.

Once you make the payment and fill in your details, you will automatically be added to the next batch which starts on the 1st of every month.

Moolah also offers one-on-one financial coaching services . If you need guidance on a specific subject or have any specific questions, then you can book a one-on-one session through our website with our Founder, Meeta Gupta or with a panel of Experts under Moolah Collaborations. Apart from this if you have any general questions then they can also be asked on the Moolah Telegram community.

Due to the nature of the program, there will be no refunds.

Write to us at email: moolah.fl@gmail.com


The course/s do not guarantee or take any responsibility for the results. The information – knowledge shared is purely for the purpose of education and one is responsible for their own actions and results.