One-on-One Coaching

To accelerate your financial journey, you can avail of Moolah’s One on One coaching services. Tailor made programs can be structured for you based on your individual need and requirement. These one-on-one session(s) over Zoom or in person (if feasible) can be booked with our Financial Coach Meeta Gupta or with one of the Experts on our panel available under Moolah Collaborations. Our aim at Moolah is to make financial knowledge and support accessible to you and hence our services are cost effective and focussed on your financial well-being.

Want to get customised coaching support?

At Moolah, we offer customised Financial coaching for women, that involves a deeper understanding of a particular topic of interest or asking of specific questions, both practical and theoretical. This is the stage when we assist you and guide you in a step-by-step manner. 

Want to heal yourself?

Many women avoid talking openly about their financial situations. A lot of women have money wounds, and they do not know that they can actually heal them by discussing them. At Moolah we listen to you without being judgmental. 

Financial Literacy Coaching

Want to plan your finances?

Moolah also offers one-on-one sessions on financial planning based on your financial goals, so that you can feel secure about your future and can create wealth by making the right investment decisions. If you do not have a financial goal then we work together with you in identifying your financial goals and lay down a clear action plan for you to reach your desired outcome.

Book a 15-minute Free Financial Clarity call with Meeta Gupta

If you are ready to work towards accelerating your financial journey, then here is the link to book a Paid one-on-one session with Financial Coach Meeta Gupta

Financial Literacy Coaching

Moolah's Financial Literacy Course

To embark on a step by step journey toward’s your financial independence click on the link below and join Moolah’s Financial Literacy Course.