Moolah’s Money Mastery Program

Master the art of managing and growing your money at your own pace and convenience and start taking charge of your money without having to rely on financial advisors or your spouse/father or anyone else.

3 Months Learning Program
  • Access to Moolah’s Exclusive Multi $6- figure Training Portal
    • Simple, fun and jargon free content
    • Immediately actionable tools and strategies
    • 12 video recordings with Masterclasses and Expert mentorship for real world application
    • Moolah’s Budgeting sheets, ROI Calculator, EMI Calculator, Retirement Calculator
  • Bonus #1: One 1:1 Session with Wealth Advisor at the end of 12 weeks
    • Kickstart your journey towards your financial freedom by discussing your financial goals and get guidance from Moolah’s Wealth Expert
  • Bonus #2: Membership into Moolah’s Exclusive WhatsApp Community
    • Become a part of Moolah’s Exclusive Community of like-minded, motivated women
    • Learn from peers, ask questions and thrive together
Program Content
  • Manage your mindset to plan, grow and enjoy your money
  • Understand the power of compounding
  • Learn to do your own Budgeting
  • Manage your credit cards to your advantage
  • Learn how to do your own financial planning
  • Get guidance on how to determine your own risk appetite
  • Understand various asset classes (FDs, Gold, Money Market Instruments, Bonds, Stocks, Mutual Funds, Real Estate etc)
  • Learn how to invest in mutual funds and stocks
  • Keep yourself & your family safe through the right insurances
  • Understand all about taxes
  • Make your Wills
  • Retirement Planning
  • Learn about loans and how to optimize them
  • Lastly, learn how to manage your finances confidently.