Moolah’s Gold Program

Kick start your money journey and fall in love with your finances while learning to manage and grow them at your own pace and convenience without having to rely on financial advisors or your spouse/father or anyone else.

By the end of this course, you will be able to ace:
  • Key Financial Terms
  • Manage your mindset to plan, grow and enjoy your money
  • Understand the power of compounding
  • Learn to do your own Budgeting
  • Manage your credit cards to your advantage
  • Learn how to do your own financial planning
  • Get guidance on how to determine your own risk appetite
  • Understand various asset classes (FDs, Gold, Money Market Instruments, Bonds, Stocks, Mutual Funds)
You will get access to:
  • Moolah’s exclusive content that is simple, fun and jargon free
  • Budgeting sheets, ROI Calculator, EMI Calculator
  • 5 Pre-recorded Masterclasses on Budgeting, Financial Planning, Credit Cards, Mutual Funds and Investments
  • Community support: of like-minded women