Moolah for Women

About Moolah for Women ;Use your own values!

Started in July 2020, Moolah for women is a financial literacy and empowerment platform that aims to increase the financial literacy of various target groups (including kids, young adults and women).

The special focus is on women since women tend to traditionally shy away from finance.

Our unique approach is to make finance simple, fun and jargon free so that the audience can gently get introduced to the world of finance and gradually start taking charge of their finances from a position of knowledge.
Moolah for Women
Moolah for Women

The Moolah Impact

Moolah’s courses, workshops and webinars have impacted over 5000 kids, young adults and women from across the world.

For women in particular, Moolah has impacted them by

  • Shifting their mindset so as to make them feel in charge, worthy and deserving.
  • Empowering them to become an equal stakeholder in making their own financial decisions or for their family or business.
  • Making them a part of the community through networking and collaborating within the Moolah Tribe.
  • Transforming them to become smarter, more confident, liberated and happier.

Moolah Courses for Women

The Moolah courses are especially designed for women to make finance simple, fun, jargon free and accessible for them.

There are 4 types of Courses being offered

  • Silver Course
  • Gold Course
  • Platinum Course
  • Platinum Lite Course

Check out about these courses in the following pages

Course Comparison