Moolah Programs

Moolah Wealthy Me Program

For Working Women aspiring to be Self-made Millionaires

  • If you are an aspirational working woman with big dreams, a desire to earn passive income, and are ready to work towards becoming a self-made millionaire; then we have the perfect plan for you!
  • This program (3-month + 1-year program) not only teaches you everything about your finances but also hand-holds you through your journey to finally manage, and grow your money. 
  • With personal mentoring from Meeta and having her as your accountability partner throughout the program, you will receive her expert guidance of how to achieve your life goals and aspirations.
  • And our in-house wealth expert will help you build and execute your financial road map to make you feel confident and totally in charge.
  • With complete transparency at all times, a community to support you in your journey and us constantly having your back at each step of the way, it couldn’t get better!
  • Book a strategy call to know more.
Moolah’s Money Mastery Program

For Self-Motivated Women who wish to be Financially independent

  • If you are a self-starter and always wanted to understand your finances and create a road map for yourself and be financially independent; but were scared and didn’t know where to begin, then this program is for you.
  • In this 3 months DIY program master your finances at your own pace, and time in an easy, jargon-free way.
  • Get full access to Moolah’s Multi $6-figure training portal with live videos and Masterclasses to decode insurances, wills, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, budgeting, taxes, loans, retirement planning and more.
  • And once you feel confident enough, we further kickstart your financial freedom journey by having a one-on-one session with you and our in-house wealth experts to set your financial goals and the path.
  • If you thought this is all, hell no! We give you membership into our community of like-minded women where you can share, grow and thrive.
Moolah’s Gold Program

For women who think finance is complicated but want to begin their journey

  • Do you fear managing your ‘finances’ but wish you could, just like others? Guess what,it ’s not as complicated as it is made out to be.
  • This program will kick-start your money journey where you will fall in love with finance rather than be averse to it.
  • You will understand how to do budgeting and financial planning, you will learn how to manage your credit cards better and also learn about stocks, mutual funds and other financial instruments in such an easy and fun way that you will become comfortable and build a positive relationship with money.
  • This is not all, you get to become a part of a community of like-minded women who will help you learn and grow as you go along.
Moolah’s Silver Program

For women who wish to begin their financial journey

  • Do you wish to  build your life skills but come to a standstill when it comes to finance? Do you struggle on how, when and where to begin your financial journey?
  • This program will provide you the stepping stones to your financial journey in the most easy, fun and jargon-free way so that you can  ease into the process and start getting comfortable and confident with finance without even realizing it.
  • Apart from giving you all the ammunition on how to do you your own budgeting and financial planning, and understanding various investments,  you also get to be part of a community of like-minded women who help, support and cherish you!