Financial Life Coach and Founder of Moolah - Meeta Gupta

Meeta Gupta, a seasoned finance professional, with an MBA in Finance from the Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management, Mumbai (1992) is passionate about empowering women and transforming their financial wellbeing. She has over 25 years of experience in the field of finance and has worked with corporates like Deutsche Bank, L&T FHL and many more.

In 2020, she stepped away from an active corporate career to launch her passion venture Moolah. Her dream was to free women from years of social conditioning and shift their general mindset that “Finance is not for women.”

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As a Financial Life Coach, Meeta wants every woman to attain financial freedom and firmly believes that it is not just desirable but is essential for every woman to achieve financial independence.

To my Moolah tribe,

As a finance professional, I have often wondered why women shy away from finance. Is it our deep-rooted social conditioning that finance is not for women, that women find finance more intimidating as compared to men; or is it that women are made to believe that they will be taken care of and so they need not bother to learn about financial matters?

I have always believed that these feelings of dependence, gullibility, or the need to be taken care of stems from a resounding lack of financial independence for women. I also believe that finance is made out to be a far more ferocious beast than it really is, and that it can be made simple, fun, and approachable. Enter Moolah!

To make finance easily palatable, I decided to start using the utilitarian medium of Whatsapp to deliver these daily doses of financial learning. I had only one hope—that eventually, every woman could start to feel more secure, independent, and comfortable when it came to managing their own or their family finances. Moolah aims to provide women a safe place to learn and grow out of their fears of finance without the fear of being judged or criticized.

I believe that every single woman is worthy of, and capable of achieving the life of her dreams. And though our circumstances, and these dreams may differ for each of us, I know that financial empowerment is the key to them all. My dream is to financially empower each and every one of you, and put you on the path to being your best self.

So here’s to strong women—may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them, [and may we make sure that they’re all part of the Moolah tribe 😉 ]

Meeta Gupta

Her Belief

Meeta firmly believes that women deserve to be financially empowered and are worthy of it. By changing their ‘mindset’, overcoming their inner fears and fostering the desire to empower themselves they can easily take charge of their finances. Gaining ‘knowledge’ is the next step.   

Meeta’s financial coaching is for women who want to begin this journey towards self-empowerment.  She believes that slowly and steadily women should feel comfortable in taking the financial reins in their own hands and take steps towards making financial decisions for themselves and their family.

Her Superpowers

Makes complicated financial terms extremely simple and easy
Leads from confusion and fear to clarity and confidence
Creates avenues for action for no knowledge is useful without action

Her Story

Research and experience made Meeta aware how many women keep away from topics related to finance despite their yearning to learn it.  She witnessed how the lack of knowledge about money can lead to suboptimal choices – be it getting stuck in a bad marriage, be saddled with huge debts or feeling a lack of control. Unfortunately, even empowered and working women fall trap to this mindset.

In fact, Meeta’s entire family comes from a non-finance background, and everyone learned about money from their own life experiences. Seeing them, Meeta realized how a formal understanding of the topic could have helped them make better financial decisions. She even tried to educate them but found resistance, since they found the topic too boring.

Finally, while mulling upon the best way to reach out to people with the knowledge she wished to share, she chanced upon an idea – a WhatsApp group for women! That’s when Moolah was born. A redemption shaped up.

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It started as WhatsApp posts every morning or “daily doses”, all written in layman’s language that takes just a minute to read. The main idea was to build one’s financial literacy and confidence over time as the knowledge gradually soaks in.

Simple and easily comprehensible ideas and concepts started beeping on her audiences’ smart phones in small doses in the form of easily relatable stories that used no jargon.

Her vision is to make knowledge and resources available to women at their convenience such that they feel empowered to choose and live a life they desire. She is on a mission to impact 1000000 women to be financially educated and empowered.

Apart from her time at Moolah, Meeta loves to travel, read books on philosophy and is passionate about photography. Seldom does she leave a chance to explore a new place and can often be seen with her camera, exploring interesting scenes or just sitting with a book mulling over something interesting that she read.

“My stories come from me. My perspectives come from being a woman myself, which makes me connect and relate to fellow women out there.”

~Meeta Gupta

Meeta's Presence for Her Moolah Tribe

While one could marvel at the kind of passion she exhibits for finance, all Meeta wishes is to see women being financially empowered and developing confidence. The Moolah Tribe is inspired by the clarity she gives them and her high level of commitment and engagement in responding to their needs.

Having worked with several corporates at high level positions, Meeta understands the problems people face due to the lack of financial knowledge, and is able to provide clarity of thought along with logical steps so that their financial worries can be sorted in a simpler way.

In her words, “I do feel (and have) a strong need and urgency to empower women across the world with knowledge so that they can feel financially empowered and start taking control of their finances from a position of in-depth knowledge without feeling inadequate and without feeling the need to depend on their counterparts to take care of them financially”.

Why Women

Having seen it within her closed circle, Meeta has experienced how women have been subject to the age-old social conditioning that finance is not for them. Often, they lack a sense of self-worth and do not feel equal to their counterparts. Meeta believes that it is high time that this equation must change.

For Meeta, making a difference in even a single woman’s life matters.

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Women from all walks of life, across geographical boundaries reach out to Meeta. And from helping them sort their personal and business finances, invest in their dream homes, manage their credit card debts to helping them complete their financial project reports Meeta does it all. She helps women with their own perspectives to achieve their goals. She enables them to shift their focus to abundance, gain knowledge and make their dreams a reality.