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It’s high time for you to live the life of your dreams and experience financial freedom. At Moolah we help you do just that.

Moolah is a financial literacy and empowerment community for women that makes finance simple, fun, easy to understand, jargon free, accessible, and convenient for you irrespective of your age, background, and geography.

Moolah for Women

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3 Pillars of moolah


We Want You to Believe You
Deserve the Best!

We enable you to shift your self-limiting mindset from scarcity, fear, anxiety, stress, external validations to that of abundance and gratitude.

Feel confident, worthy, and deserving, because you are.


We Want You to be
Self-Aware and Well-equipped

We help you in your journey to identify your financial dreams and provide you the knowledge and the tools to enable you to make informed decisions.

Be aware of what you want and dare to dream big, because you matter.


We Want you to Apply the Learning and Experience it.

We handhold you in a safe environment to take practical steps to achieve your financial goals & transform your own life and also of your loved ones.

Take charge and convert your dreams into reality, because you can.

The Moolah Impact

Some of the outcomes that you experience in your journey with Moolah are:


Women Impacted

Moolah for Women

Meeta Gupta

A seasoned finance professional with over 25 years of experience with corporates like Deutsche Bank, L&T FHL and many more, Meeta is passionate about empowering women and transforming their financial wellbeing.

In her words, “I feel a strong need and urgency to empower women  with knowledge so that they can start taking control of their finances themselves, without feeling the need to depend on their counterparts to take care of them financially”.


Moolah for Women



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