Moolah's Financial Literacy Course

This is Moolah’s flagship course and is designed for women who wish to start understanding of fundamental terms and concepts, budgeting, basic financial planning, financial management, and economics. The course content is simple, convenient, and easy to access for women across ages and geographies. For ease, the course is sub divided into a basic financial literacy level and an advanced financial literacy level.

With this easy to understand and slow paced course, you will begin to feel confident about financial topics and no longer feel lost or have confusions when you come across the financial terms or commonly used financial jargons. You will feel empowered and be able to take decisions regarding finances for yourself and your family.

The best part is that the content is delivered over Whatsapp and hence easy to access at your own convenience.

What is the outcome?

Access the inputs at your leisure and spend only a minute or two every day to read them. Just like a vitamin pill taken daily to increase your immunity, this “daily dose” of simple yet powerful content can build your financial immunity (read: knowledge) over a period of 6 months.

To assimilate the Moolah learning and the basics of finance, there is a weekly compilation of learning and a Multiple Choice Quiz of 10 questions at the end of every month. The best way to learn financial literacy and get clarity with wealth management education.

What will you learn

Over the Basic and Advance Financial Literacy course you will learn

Personal Finances

Business Finances & Basic Economics

What you can expect

Going through the course, over 6 months,  slowly and steadily, you will be able to discern the world of finance. You will:

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