Collaboration with Experts

To enable you to act upon your acquired knowledge, Moolah collaborates with trusted industry experts. This gives you the opportunity to convert your knowledge into action without the need to scout for trusted sources. Some of these experts also provide the Moolah members additional benefits for going through the Moolah platform.


1. Stockal

Stockal is a Global Investing Platform that helps investors from India and Middle East invest US listed stocks. It makes investing simple, secure and smart for its investors. Offering a choice of investments in over 3500 global companies, Stockal also acts as a smart companion for its investors by providing them Realtime Stock Alerts, World Class Research and multiple Curated Portfolio options. You can know more about Stockal by visiting their website

  • Geographical diversification: Investing in the US Stock Market offers a geographical diversification of your portfolio. Portfolio diversification is a sound investment strategy to hedge your risks.
  • Largest global corporations in the world: US market is home to some of the largest corporations in the world. This gives you the advantage of investing in global corporations that are far more insulated in case of an unforeseen event that occurs in any country.
  • World leaders in technological advancements and innovations: By investing in US Stocks you have access to booming sectors like artificial intelligence, electric mobility, pharma research and many more.

The Reserve Bank of India allows individuals resident in India to invest up to USD 250,000 overseas annually. The capital gains from these investments are taxed in India whereas the Dividends on these investments are taxed in the US, and can be offset against your income in India under the double taxation treaty between India and US.

  • Discounted rates for Moolah Tribe on Gold and Silver memberships of Stockal
  • Hand holding support for on boarding

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2. Piper Serica Advisors Pvt Ltd.

Piper Serica is India’s top rated, SEBI registered PMS (Portfolio Management Services) company that has a rigorous and disciplined investment strategy to maximise the returns for its investors. While it primarily caters to High Net Worth Individuals (both Resident Indians and NRIs), Retail investors (Indian Residents only) have the benefit of investing in their curated portfolios too due to their collaboration with a platform called “Smallcase”. You can know more about Piper Serica by visiting their website

  • Customised solutions: Portfolio management companies offer customised solutions that offers greater flexibility to the investor and higher returns too
  • Higher transparency: Portfolio management companies provide higher transparency and regular reporting to its investors as compared to a mutual fund.
  • Easy tracking and no pooling of assets: PMS uses separate bank and demat accounts for each client and hence the investor can track his/her portfolio daily.
  • Greater flexibility to tap on market opportunities: PMS provides the fund manager greater flexibility to capitalise on market opportunities with high growth potential
  • Discounted rates in portfolio management fees are available for the Moolah Tribe
  • Options available for both Retail Investors (investments starting INR 250,000) as well as High Net Worth Individuals (investments starting INR 5,000,000)

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3. Bestwins Solicitors and Legal Consultants

Bestwins is a leading law firm in the UAE that specialises in Inheritance Planning for individuals  and Succession planning for Businesses amongst its many other activities as a full services legal firm.  You can seek advice from them on matters such as Inheritance & Inheritance Tax Planning, Family Business Succession, Trusts, Family Partition and Family Disputes Resolution amongst others. It has a highly qualified and experienced team that can help you navigate through the most daunting legal situations. You can know more about Bestwins by visiting their website

  • Best in class lawyers both in terms of qualification and experience
  • Enriching knowledge and experience from an international perspective
  • Easy access to an internationally reputed law firm

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4. Moolah Experts

Sangita is a Certified Financial Planner from CII, London. She has over 15 years of experience in the financial industry and is an expert in Financial Planning and in investments in the Global Markets. She is also passionate about financially empowering women.

Charges and Timing: Sangita will be charging a concessional rate of INR 2000/AED 100/USD 40 per hour for the Moolah Tribe.

She is available for consultation on Sunday from 10.30 AM-1.30 PM IST( 9.00 AM- 12.00 PM GST) and on Thursday from 12.30 PM- 1.30 PM IST ( 11.00 AM-12.00 PM GST)

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Other Collaborations:

As a part of empowering the Moolah Community, Moolah also collaborates with organisations that add value to the core Moolah ethos of ease and empowerment.