A to Z About Bonds as an Investment

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In this 3.5 hour workshop on A to Z of Bonds as an Investment that is brought to you by Moolah for women in collaboration with Bondbazaar.com you will learn everything there is to know about bonds including how to begin your investment journey in bonds.

To begin investing in bonds with bondbazaar.com you can use this link and sign up: https://www.bondbazaar.com/open-trading-account/?param=Uk1MMDE=

Moolah for women is a financial literacy and empowerment platform with a special focus on women, that makes finance simple, fun, jargon free and accessible for its audience irrespective of their age, background and geography.

You can reach us at contact@moolahforwomen.com

Price: 1500 INR /25 USD
Duration : 3 hour 30 Minutes

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Moolah for Women

Meeta Gupta

A seasoned finance professional with over 30 years of experience with corporates like Deutsche Bank, L&T FHL and many more, Meeta is passionate about empowering women and transforming their financial wellbeing.

In her words, “I feel a strong need and urgency to empower women  with knowledge so that they can start taking control of their finances themselves, without feeling the need to depend on their counterparts to take care of them financially”.