Are women more desperate to prove themselves?

Are women more desperate to prove themselves?

Are women more desperate to prove themselves? Here are my thoughts…..

I read 2 separate articles published by 2 leading magazines that had some statistics that got me thinking!

Article 1 stated that it was statistically seen that women find it harder to negotiate their salaries as compared to men! 

The questions raised were, are women less confident, or are men better negotiators?

Cut to Article 2 where the following statistics were presented.

  •  Prevalence of violence against women by an intimate partner has increased during lockdown
  • Unpaid care work and time spent on household responsibilities increased by 1.5 -2 hours for women.
  • For every 100 men in leadership positions globally, there are just 37 women 

Of course, there were many more hard facts stated, but let’s stick to the ones stated above for the sake of this debate today!

Why do women find it difficult to negotiate their salaries? Why are women not able to get leadership positions in organizations? Why are women working harder to take care of their homes as well as trying to be their best in offices and yet not being able to ask about their worth?

Are they scared that they may be considered inferior? Is it a lack of confidence in them? 

Or is it that … 

  • They are worried that if they negotiate too hard their position will be taken by another male!
  • They are aware that many men think and like to treat women as supplementary wage earners and hence think that what they are getting is enough! 
  • They know how important this job is for them and they can’t be without it and so status quo is better than ruffling feathers
  • They are desperate to be perfectionists so that they are validated by their male peers
  • They are low on self-worth because of the violence that they are being subjected to at home
  • They know that the men in their house will not rise up to share their household responsibilities and if the kid or the elder of the house falls sick they will be expected to show up 100%
  • They know that their biological factors leave them at a disadvantage in this competitive male world!
  • They are tired of fighting for their rights and prefer peace to yet another confrontation!

Think about it!

Women are far better negotiators than men, and I am sure we have each seen them haggle till they get every penny’s worth when they manage their homes! And yet, these same women shy away from negotiating for their much-deserved salaries at work! 

They hold on to their jobs like dear life, willing to compromise and settle for less since they are desperate to prove to themselves and to the men that they are capable and can earn a living for themselves! 

That they are not dependent on their men for money and so that men don’t play their money trump cards on their women to prove to them that they are inferior and/ or dependent on them and due to which they are entitled to play power games on them! 

Think about it!!! Women Impowerment

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