Are you ready to be vulnerable?

Are you ready to be vulnerable?


“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.” Sigmund Freud

How deep and impactful is this short statement?

It is our vulnerabilities that ultimately lead to our strengths.

We all have our vulnerabilities, albeit different ones. We are vulnerable because of how we have been programmed by the world around us to perceive ourselves. Some of us may consider ourselves physically vulnerable. Others may consider themselves to be emotionally, mentally, psychologically, monetarily, or civically vulnerable.

Whatever our vulnerabilities be, they start to shape us, define us!

At first our vulnerabilities hurt us, bother us, make us feel weak, insecure, sensitive, fearful,  anxious, jealous. They may intimidate us, break us, mock us, or just tire us!

And at that time we feel as if our world is crumbling. We begin to lose hope about ever being able to gain ground again. We feel that we will succumb to our vulnerability. It will take us deep down the abyss. Nothing can ever pull us out of it!

But then something within us stirs, shakes, moves, flutters! We slowly dust ourselves and start rising. For once we have hit the worst the only way to move is upwards!

And so we rise! We rise from the ashes! Just like a Phoenix! More powerful yet more humbled! More resilient, yet more tender! More grateful, yet more indomitable!

Slowly we begin to heal our broken selves. We  come to grips with ourselves!

And this new avatar of ours makes us a person of character, Strength from Vulnerabilities, joy, bliss. This new found lightness of our heart gives us a bounce in our step. This new found joy in our soul gives us a contagious mirth. This new found resilience, gives us the conviction to achieve what we want. This new found freedom, liberates us from living our lives on anyone else’s terms and based on their opinions.

Let’s not let our vulnerabilities define us. Let’s acknowledge them, accept them, embrace them, and then work to overcome them and extract our power from them! For they in the deepest sense tell us who we are! Vulnerability IS Strength

Write down for yourself your deepest vulnerabilities. Acknowledge them, embrace them, cry over them. Take some time to feel weak and hurt. And as you feel weak and hurt, begin to resolve within yourselves to let this not define you. You are more than your vulnerabilities. You have the power. Take that power back in your hands. Get up! Make certain resolutions! And make it happen for yourselves! What do you want your reality to be! Yours and yours alone! How do you wish to live your life! How do you wish to feel! How do you want to be treated! And then just take that first step slowly towards your new beginning. Amen!

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  • Hi Meeta
    I read it, and the state I am Going through now, it is true it is my life and mine only, physically, mentally and emotionally well being, thank you for sharing this

    • Hey Eman. Lovely to hear from you and truly apologise for missing out on your comment. I hear you. Please reach out to me if I can be of any help to you. Do not feel alone for we are there as your support. You have the power, stay strong and you will emerge even stronger. Sending you love and hugs. Meeta

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