The Little Voice In You

The Little Voice In You

Of course I am scared

Scary Of Starting New Things! So, of course I am scared.

When I started Moolah, it was just a side hustle, it was just a little speck in my big dreams to impact a million women, it was just a speck in my desire to show to myself that I can!

It was scary then! It was scary when a 100 women joined my first WhatsApp group and I had no idea what content I will deliver to them.

It’s scary now when Moolah has just become a company. It’s scary for I have no idea where the revenues will come from. It’s scary for I have no idea whether I am good enough or my idea is good enough that I am riding on it to chase my dreams. 

So, of course I am scared. I am scared when I know that the only person to fall back on is me. Of course I am scared when I have to now pull off a project which till now was just a distant dream. 

Turning dreams into reality is not easy, I realise. It requires hard work, it requires dedication, it requires perseverance, it requires strength, it requires determination, it requires commitment, it requires surrender, it requires fortitude, it requires courage, it requires conviction, it requires self belief, it requires vision, it requires a lot of positive attitude. It requires a lot!

Do I have all that it requires, I ask myself!? A tiny voice within me says, yes! Yes, you can do it, yes you can! Don’t worry, just take baby steps! You have it in you! All you have to do is just take one step, and then one step, and then one step. 

Yes, you have to be cautious, you have to be prudent, you have to be wise, you have to be diligent, you have to be righteous, and you have to have faith! 

Have faith in yourself, have faith in the higher powers, have faith in the universe, have faith in your abilities, have faith in your little inner voice which wants to make it happen.

And for that little voice in you, you just have to make it happen. Of course it is scary! But you can make it happen! You can!

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