Now Is The Time

Now Is The Time

The line begins from where i stand

Women empowerment is suddenly becoming a buzz word! Or is it because I am now in that space that I am becoming more aware of it?! 

Whatever the reason be, today, since morning, all that I have seen is content around the topic of women empowerment and how women are now truly talking about doing, feeling and being what they wish to do, feel and be without getting pressurised by what society expects from them. No longer is there a need for women to view society’s standpoint as the way of conducting their lives. 

There is a famous dialogue in a  Hindi movie which loosely translates to “The line begins from where I stand.” Women can now feel free to explore what they choose to do, feel or be and people around them will learn to adjust themselves accordingly. 

Though these changing times are very empowering for us as women, it also increases our responsibility towards ourselves. No longer can we pass on the buck of what happened or didn’t happen to us to others. No longer can we hide behind others and say that if we were given the freedom we would have done it differently.

The world is fast changing and women have never before been in a space where they would have been accepted for what they wished to do. Now is the time to defy all societal norms! Now is the time to dream big and make your dreams real! Now is the time to soar high and not to look back! 

Are you taking advantage of these changing times? What are the steps that you are taking to empower yourselves? Where do you see yourself 5, 10, 15, 20 years from now! 

It’s high time that the line begins from where we stand! 

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