Golden Windows

Golden Windows

Everything that shines is not gold

Today was a misty day. As I got up in the morning and opened the curtains of my window, the view outside was surreal. I could see the splendour of the sun reflecting on one building giving it’s windows a golden hue. While there was mist all around, blurring the other buildings in site, this building shone with all its grandeur, truly giving it a magical look. And it made me think!

We are often lured by what we see! Sometimes what we see might just be an illusion; temporary, fleeting. But we land up making permanent decisions based on our temporary  attraction to something. And then we have to live with these wrong choices that we have made based on our temporary attraction and face consequences.

Think about it: 

A good looking man, may not necessarily be a good human being.

A good looking car, may not be value for money.

An attractive dress may not be really comfortable.

A book that looks attractive on its cover may not be a good read.

Food that looks sumptuous may not really be tasty

A golden window may not be made of gold! 

Our decisions, once taken stay with us. It is not easy to undo something once it is done. And we have to endure the pain of our wrong decisions.

Do you recall situations where you felt foolish or regretted your decision after hastily taking it just because you got lured into it? Share below your experiences and thoughts. 

And remember the next time not to get lured by golden windows, for all that shines is not gold!

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